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Children's Books about Mexico

I'm delighted to have the opportunity to kick off August with a post related to the Summer Games. You know they'll be starting this Friday, right? Well, Multicultural Kid Blogs has been running a series since the beginning of July that is dedicated to exploring world cultures in honor of the Olympics. Bloggers from around the world get a different country and theme to highlight. I had Mexico. You might remember my free download that I shared earlier this summer. It's a sample of the country section you'll find in our Summer Games Unit.

Today, the theme is books. And since I've got Mexico, I'll be sharing a list of Latino kids' literature that features Mexico. If you're doing a unit study of this country during the upcoming school year or simply as a learning opportunity during the Olympics, I think you'll enjoy these books.

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by Tony Johnston

Sway to the sounds, reach for the colors, dance to the rhythms, and you will find your own Mexico in these lovely poems in both English and Spanish.

by Tony Johnston

The country of Mexico has long been a popular travel destination. But there's much more to enjoy and appreciate than just sunshine and warm temperatures when exploring this region with its ancient history and proud traditions. Enjoy an A-Z tour of our neighbor to the south in P is for Piñata: A Mexico Alphabet. Young readers can visit the tomb of a Mayan king, experience the life of the vaquero (Mexican cowboy), attend the world-famous Ballet Folklórico de Mèxico, and sample the everyday treat that was once known as the "food of the gods." From folk art to famous people to the original "hot dog," the treasures of Mexico are revealed in P is for Piñata. 

by Laurie Krebs

Swim in turquoise seas, admire grey whales and monarch butterflies, trek to native villages and sing and dance to the music of Mariachi bands. Along the way, you can learn Spanish words and phrases and discover Mexican culture. Enjoy your journey!

by Sarah Heiman

An alphabetical exploration of the people, geography, animals, plants, history, and culture of Mexico.

by Tomie dePaola

Hace mucho tiempo—a long time ago—there lived a beautiful young woman named Adelita. So begins the age-old tale of a kindhearted young woman, her jealous stepmother, two hateful stepsisters, and a young man in search of a wife. The young man, Javier, falls madly in love with beautiful Adelita, but she disappears from his fiesta at midnight, leaving him with only one clue to her hidden identity: a beautiful rebozo—shawl. With the rebozo in place of a glass slipper, this favorite fairy tale takes a delightful twist. Tomie dePaola's exquisite paintings, filled with the folk art of Mexico, make this a Cinderella story like no other. Read my review.

by Mary C. Turck 

This multicultural activity book celebrates the myriad cultures of Mexico and Central America and their shared ancient Aztec and Mayan roots. For each country, a brief introduction is provided that includes illustrated maps and facts about population and geography. More than 40 projects and three dramatic play scripts explore the interconnectedness of these countries and help children experience aspects of daily life throughout the region including school, work, home, art and poetry, food and agriculture, and special holidays. Activities include embroidering Mayan designs, painting in the Salvadoran style, creating an ofrenda for the Day of the Dead, crafting political puppets, cooking chocobananas, and making piñatas. Engaging sidebars throughout the book provide children with an introduction to the Spanish language. Also included are tips for teachers who want to use the activities in the classroom, complete with more specific age ranges and suggested modifications.

by  Duncan Tonatiuh

From first-time Mexican author and illustrator Duncan Tonatiuh comes the story of two cousins, one in America and one in Mexico, and how their daily lives are different yet similar. Charlie takes the subway to school; Carlitos rides his bike. Charlie plays in fallen leaves; Carlitos plays among the local cacti. Dear Primo covers the sights, sounds, smells, and tastes of two very different childhoods, while also emphasizing how alike Charlie and Carlitos are at heart. Spanish words are scattered among the English text, providing a wonderful way to introduce the language and culture of Mexico to young children.

by Susan Milord 

Discusses the history, language, religion, customs, and daily life of Mexico, using a variety of activities to reinforce the information.

Mystery of the Thief in the Night (Pack-n-Go Girls - Mexico Book 1)
by Janelle Diller

Welcome to Mexico! 
Izzy’s family sails into a quiet lagoon in Mexico and drops their anchor. Izzy can’t wait to explore the pretty little village, eat yummy tacos, and practice her Spanish. When she meets nine-year-old Patti, Izzy’s thrilled. Now she can do all that and have a new friend to play with too. Life is perfect. At least it’s perfect until they realize there’s a midnight thief on the loose! 


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Don't forget that you can also download our Summer Games Unit activity pack to learn more about the world and have fun during the Olympics.

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