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Children's Books About the Olympics

Before the Winter Olympics begin, it's always a great idea to read books that explore the history and the aspects of the Games. Do you know the history of the Olympics? Where did they start? Who participated? What is the meaning behind the Olympic flame? Who was Pierre de Coubertin and why is he significant? Which events have come and gone?

Learn all this and more with these remarkable books for children. You can ask for them at your local library, or click on the affiliate links below to purchase your copy from Amazon.

G is for Gold Medal: An Olympics Alphabet

by Brad Herzog
From the first games held in ancient Greece to the cultural extravaganzas of recent years, there have been some incredible and amazing events and milestones in the world of Olympic sports. Now in G is for Gold Medal: An Olympics Alphabet, writer Brad Herzog showcases those athletes and events that not only set sports records but also impacted history and worldviews. Learn the meaning behind the five interlocking rings featured on the Olympic flag. Cheer on American Jim Thorpe as he won the pentathlon and decathlon at the 1912 Olympics in Stockholm, Sweden, only to lose his medals later. Read how the man dubbed as the "world's laziest high jumper" won the gold in 1968 and later had a jump named after him. All these moments and more are brought to life in G is for Gold Medal.

Ages 6 - 9

The Winter Olympics

by Nick Hunter
The Winter Olympics are a thrilling festival of sports, bringing together skiers, skaters, and sliders from around the world. Held every four years, they turn snow and ice into an amazing sports arena. But how did they get their start, and how are they organized?

Ages 8 - 10

A Kid's Guide to the 2018 Winter Games

by Jack Roberts
Get ready for the 2018 Winter Olympics with this full-color book for young readers that introduces all 15 sport disciplines for the Winter Olympics as well as some of the top Team USA athletes. The book includes a history of the Winter Olympics with some amazing fun facts and trivia, as well as a Medal Tracker to keep track of the gold, silver, and bronze medals that Team USA brings home. Easy-to-read text and dramatic, full-color photographs make this the perfect book for every kid who loves the Olympics (and their parents, too!)

Ages 8 - 12

The Olympics: Ancient to Modern

by Joe Fullman
The Olympics Ancient to Modern is a fascinating look at the history of the Olympic and Paralympic Games, from the first events in Ancient Greece right the way up to London 2012 and Sochi 2014. It focusses on when and where each Games has been held, and some key stats, such as how much it cost, how many athletes competed, and how many spectators came to watch.

The book explains how all the Games - Summer Olympics, Winter Olympics, and Paralympics - came into being, and how the Olympic Games were revived in Paris at the end of the 19th century. It compares the ancient and modern Games, looking at the sports and athletes involved then and now, and at how the modern Games are continually evolving.

It also looks at key moments in the Games' history, and at some of the tragedies and controversies that have rocked it - from doping scandals, boycotts and cheating to the Berlin Olympics of 1936, and the Munich Massacre.

The book celebrates the achievements of star Olympians, and gives the lowdown on the most popular and exciting Olympic sports, from cycling and rowing to skiing and wheelchair basketball.

Ages 9 - 12

Eyewitness: Olympics

by Chris Oxlade & David Ballheimer
Discover the event that brings together the world's finest athletes in a spirit of peace and internationalism.

Here is an original and exciting new guide to the heroic world of the Olympic games -- from its ancient beginnings to the Sydney Games in 2000. Stunning full-color photographs of famous athletes, gold medals, colorful mascots and flaming torches provide a unique look at the greatest sports festival in the world. See: the ancient Greek site of Olympia, what an athlete wore in 1896, how a sports shoe is made, and the first Fosbuty flop. Learn: what an athlete in training needs to eat, what the Olympic symbol represents, how Smoky became the 1932 Olympic mascot, and what sports make up a modern pentathlon. Discover: how athlete are timed within fractions of a second, what special materials are used to make a modern swimsuit, what sports were included in the ancient Olympic Games, who has won the most Olympic medals, and much, much more!

Ages 8 - 12

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