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Get Loud! for Hispanic Heritage

Get Loud! bilingual word guessing game for families

The following post is in collaboration with Tragos. All thoughts and opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links.

Discover ¡Get Loud! by Tragos Games, a fun, bilingual word game for kids. It's perfect for celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month - or learning at ANY time of the year.

Every year, during Hispanic Heritage Month, I go on the hunt looking for new resources that will help families (including mine!) with learning about about Hispanic culture or that support them in their efforts to raise bilingual kids. This year, Tragos Games stands out!

Get Loud! is their new bilingual guessing word game that is kid-friendly and great for nurturing their knowledge of Spanish AND Hispanic culture. I received a review sample of the game a few weeks ago. It is fabulous for several reasons.

Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month with !Get Loud!

The Huge Number of Cards

¡Get Loud! has SO MANY cards! There are 400 cards with words on both the front and back in English and Spanish, when necessary. That means 800 words! Wow. I can totally see how this would be an awesome game to play in the classroom and/or at home. These words range from simple everyday words of people, places, and things that your kid will be learning both in and out of school.

A lot of the words are culturally based - in other words, if you aren't familiar with Hispanic culture, then you will probably learn a lot. You may want to keep your phone handy so you can look up what some of them are. And even if you consider yourself pretty knowledgeable, you may still need to look up a few.

¡Get Loud! word game for Hispanic Heritage Month.

The Diversity

I like the diversity of Hispanic cultures that are represented in this game deck. From Puerto Rico to Colombia to Peru, there are references to foods, people, words, and more.

But the game also comes with different levels of difficulty. The cards are color coded: red and yellow with simpler words and references for younger players, or blue and green for more challenging words that adults are more likely to know. They include topics such as history, travel, and pop culture.

¡Get Loud! word game helps boost Spanish vocabulary.

It's Bilingual!

And I think that the best part of this game is that it can easily be played in either English or Spanish. Many of the words are recognizable or used in both languages. But when necessary, they've listed the word in both languages.

This would be a great way to reinforce new vocabulary if your children (or your entire family) are learning either English or Spanish. 

But it's also a great way to learn about Latin America and U.S. Hispanic culture, icons, and more.

It's Kid Friendly!

The packaging says that this games is best for kids ages 8 and up, but really, I think you might even be able to use it with younger children. You may need to be intentional in the cards that you select to play with, but there are certainly PLENTY of options. 

Support your children's bilingualism with the word game, ¡Get Loud!

How to Play

Playing the game is easy!
  1. Choose the colored cards you want to use.

  2. When it is your turn, you flip the minute sand timer and grab a card from the deck. Do your best to describe the word until the other person guesses what it is. 

  3. Get another card from the deck and do the same. 

  4. The team or player with the most cards at the end of three rounds is the winner!
The game defines a round is completed after each player on a team has had a turn. 

I think you can play individually or in teams, but teams is recommended. However, as a parent and teacher, I think you can certainly use this game in a variety of ways.

Get One!

This game is a must-have for all Hispanic families and classrooms. Don't wait! You can order your ¡Get Loud! card game here.

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