Thursday, August 25, 2016

National Geographic Kids Insider

I'm super excited to share that I've been selected to be one of this year's National Geographic Kids Insiders! This means that as an ambassador for NGK, I'll be learning about new products and opportunities that you can use with your kids to boost their knowledge of this world we live in. From animals to world cultures, I hope you'll check in here at MommyMaestra to read about amazing wildlife, our national parks, outer space trivia, and so much more. 

Some of you long-time readers may remember that I used to be a zookeeper many years ago. In fact, I married another zookeeper, who now oversees an amazing collection of birds at our country's largest bird park. So naturally, our fascination with animals has been passed down to our children who have an intense love of nature, as you can see below, or if you scroll through my IG account.

There just aren't enough visible Latino biologists, naturalists, zoologists, etc. We want to change that and help you nurture your children's love of wildlife! So get ready to learn about some great books, apps, videos, printables, and other resources created just for families like ours.



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