Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Free Author Skype Opportunity for Teachers

Attention teachers! Hispanic Heritage Month is coming up and it would be the perfect time to invite a Hispanic author into your classroom. There are SO many BENEFITS to having professional writers visit with your students. Authors bring a different perspective and voice to classrooms, they encourage students to express their own opinions and tell their own stories, and (in this instance) highlight the importance and value in bilingualism.

Classroom Skype Opportunities

If you think this would be a great activity for your classroom, I have a unique opportunity to share! My friend, Mariana Llanos, author of seven children's books, is offering classroom Skype opportunities...most of them for free! Mariana has designed four different lesson plans that last about 45 minutes. They include a Q&A at the end, so your students can ask whatever they want.

The lesson plans she's developed cover these topics:
  • Imagination & Writing (Free)
  • A Rollercoaster of Emotions (Free)
  • Research and Creative Writing (Free)
  • Mock Election & Superpowers ($35)
Mariana is such a talented storyteller with children of her own, so I know that her visit to your classroom would be engaging, informative, and educational. She's had lots of experience with these Skype lessons because she's visited more than 60 classrooms! Visit her site here to learn more about each one and to read about things to do with your students before and after each visit. Or if you would prefer for her to visit your class in person, click here

Psst! Mariana also offers Skype visits to immersion classes!

Learn More About Mariana and Her Books:


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