Friday, August 26, 2016

Kidflix Global: International Films for Children and Families

Hi, Friends! I have a wonderful new resource to help you as you raise global citizens. Remember that we want our kids to be able to compete, collaborate, and excel in our global community, and to do that requires that we give our children plenty of opportunities to see and experience other countries and cultures. Let's destroy racism, fear, and stereotypes. Let's raise thoughtful, compassionate, and successful kids.

Do you know about Kidflix Global (KFG)? It is a film distribution company that brings fabulous, award-winning, international family and kids films to parents seeking to teach their children “how” to think in an international arena through films that portray “children growing up in different cultures beyond familiar environments.” Kids learn, discover, and interact with KFG films that help them become globally conscious contributors to society.

You have three options for viewing these movies:

STREAM: to your TV, computer, tablet or phone.

RENT: Do you have limited internet? No worries. Just visit their site, select the movie you want to watch, choose "Rental" from the drop-down menu, and rent your film for $6.95.

BUY: Do you or your kids have a favorite that you want to watch over and over again? Buy it! The movies sell for the regular retail value.

This is a relatively new company, so the selection isn't huge...yet. But they are launching new movies and series regularly. In fact, I had the opportunity to review the new Lotte from Gadgetville shows. This sweet television series comes out of Estonia and features the adventures of Lotte, a little dog with a tender heart. In her first adventure, Lotte is traveling south to take a little bird, Pippo, whose wing was injured during migration down to join his flock. Here's a peek:

The storyline is creative and different from most of the ones we see here in the States. It is dubbed in English, but you do have the option of Spanish subtitles. (However, this series is geared more for younger children ages 2 and up, so really, I think it would be better if it offered a dubbed Spanish version since the intended audience is too young to read.) But if you have a child who is learning English, or is bilingual, this is a lovely series! They even have a website in English for you to explore more about Lotte.

Other films they carry are from Norway, Germany, Japan, USA, Estonia, England, Switzerland, Canada, Russia. It is a fantastic collection! From You can see a full list of their films here. And KFG also offers study guides to accompany each movie so that you can extend the learning experience.

I haven't seen any from Latin America or Spain yet, but I was told that they have been searching for Spanish films but find for their target age group (6-14) - it is a bit difficult. They have targeted more Spanish and English films as their next step! If you have recommendations for family films from Latin America or Spain, you should leave a comment below or contact them directly.

Overall, this a great resource for all families, especially homeschoolers.



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