Monday, November 16, 2020

Holiday Gifting: Whistlefritz Gift Sets

The time has come to share my annual recommendations for holiday gift giving! And I'm starting off with these awesome gift sets from MommyMaestra sponsor, Whistlefritz. Giving the gift of a second language is a life-long treasure that can only benefit your child. And I know a lot of MommyMaestra readers are always looking for Spanish resources. 


Join the language-learning celebration with La Gran Colección, an entertaining and award-winning collection of live action, animation, and festive Latin music that teaches kids Spanish!  Created to be enjoyed again and again, each of the five videos in this multimedia set immerses children in Spanish vocabulary themes that are appealing to children, such as animals, toys, seasons, and birthday parties.  

It’s non-stop fun as children interact with vivacious host María, playful peers, and charming animated characters.  The fun continues with four lively Spanish-learning music CDs that combine upbeat original songs and traditional favorites with world music rhythms. 

Bonus features: La Gran Colección includes Spanish and English subtitle options for adults and older children.  Translation guides and lyrics are available for free download from the Whistlefritz website.

Here's a video trailer for the collection. Take a look!

And because I know some of you are also teaching French, or are looking into adding a third language to your child's language skills, Whistlefritz also has a gift set for le francais...


Get the language-learning party started with The French Collection. Six lively programs encourage children to speak in French, sing in French, even dance in French! This multimedia set includes 4 videos and 2 music CDs featuring live action, animation, and irresistible music, as children embark on a French-learning journey with live host Marie, playful peers, and animated friends. 

Packed with fun, laughter, and music, The French Collection is an ideal introduction to French for kids!  Includes French and English subtitles and downloadable translation guide and lyrics. 

And here's a video trailer for it, as well...

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post in collaboration with MommyMaestra sponsor, Whistlefritz.


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