Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Giving Tuesday: Elementary School Library Book Drive

This year, Giving Tuesday is especially important. SO many people are struggling and in need. So I've been looking around trying to decide where to give whatever is within my means to give.

Now, more that ever, I want to teach compassion and generosity to my children. Even though this year our Christmas will be smaller, I still want them to see it's important to always give whatever and whenever you can. 

So when my daughter's school sent home a fundraiser for spreading kindness, it caught my eye. They were selling T-shirts to raise money for Maudrie M. Walton Elementary whose library had been involved in arson and ALL of the books were destroyed...either by fire, smoke, or water. The school serves children in Pre-K through 5th grade. Further investigation showed that the school was located in a low-income neighborhood - predominantly Hispanic and Black. 

I bought a T-shirt. But looked for ways to do more because, you know, I have a soft spot in my heart for books and young children and the impact that the former has on the latter.

While I was ruminating on whether or not I could host another book drive similar to the one I did last year for migrant children, I stumbled upon this NBC article and read that one was already being hosted by the Junior League for Fort Worth

So far, 200 books have been donated to the school, but they have to replace ALL of the books that were ruined by the fire. The Junior League has stepped in to help by setting up a wish list on Amazon. I scrolled through it and there are a lot of great books there. (I noticed, in particular, that there were several of my favorite bilingual titles if you scroll way down the list.) 

So if you have $5, $10, or even $20 to spare, won't you please consider donating a book to help restock this school library? The wish list even includes a shipping address written at the top in the description. 

I'm purchasing a book from their wish list and packing a box of books that have been sent to me to review over the years to donate. Join me in helping and giving. 

School libraries are so very, very important to a school community. They provide children with a safe space to learn, study, and dream about the possibilities of the future. They are a refuge and a classroom. And the books inside bring the world into a child's life. 

Giving Tuesday is a week away. It always falls on the Tuesday following Cyber Monday. So that gives you time to start planning on how to give, if you haven't already.

This Giving Tuesday, please consider donating a book or two to this elementary school and help children in need of support and kindness.

Wishing you all a safe and happy holiday. 


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