Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Book Review: Me & the World

The following is a sponsored book post. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

There's a new book on the market that as a homeschooler and parent raising global citizens I absolutely love! Have you seen Me and the World: An Infographic Exploration?

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For kids who love technology - especially its data style of presentation - this title is a must have. Me and the World by Mireia Trius is a colorful book that is rich in information about global communities all packed into carefully organized infographics. Seriously, there is SO MUCH information here, you can pick up this book again and again and learn something new. You can spend a long time on one or two pages, so you might even be able to break it up and read a little bit one day and a little bit the next. Take a look at some of the pages...

The topics of the infographics focus on things that children are curious about: the popular pets in different countries, the most popular names around the world, breakfast foods, bestselling books, different houses found across the globe, what kids wear to school, and so much more. 

It's a small story within a much bigger one as it follows the story of Lucia from Spain. She's our guide in this book that takes readers around the world, then around again to see new things, and then around again! Lucia tells us with each infographic what her life is like as it relates to the topic. Then the reader can look around the page to see what it is like in other countries.

Mireia Trius (the author) is actually the founder of ZahorĂ­ Books in Spain. Before she started her publishing company, she was a gallery owner and art representative. So she has a great eye for creating innovative books for children. Don't you think?

You can find Me and the World here on

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This book is also available in Spanish - the language in which it was originally written.


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