Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Holiday Gifting: Barefoot Books Mindful Activity Pack


Finding ways to relieve anxiety is high on many people's list this year. But we don't often talk about it when it comes to children. 

This is dear to my heart because my oldest has struggled so much this year with anxiety. And once it starts in one area, it seems to just keep spreading to other areas of their lives. I have often wished over the last 8 months that I had somehow taught her the tools to deal with anxiety when she was little. 

That's why I love this mindfulness activity deck from Barefoot Books. 

Mindful Kids: 50 Mindfulness Activities for Kindness, Focus, and Calm is designed for children as young as 4 years old and there's no limit over that! 

This boxed card deck includes 50 creative mindfulness games, visualizations and exercises divided into 5 categories to help children feel grounded, find calm, improve focus, practice loving-kindness and relax. Whimsical full-color illustrations on both sides of the cards break down each practice into easy-to-follow steps. Tips on individual cards plus an 8-page instructional booklet show modifications that make these activities inclusive for children of all abilities.

I love that these are available in English...

...and Spanish!

I strongly recommend buying these as an essential teaching tool for your children! I wish I'd had them when my older kids were younger, and I'm planning on buying them for my youngest...who will "share" them with his older siblings. ;) 

If you're interested in getting your own, you can purchase them directly from Barefoot Books or click on the links below to get them from Amazon. 


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