Monday, November 23, 2020

Bilingual Thanksgiving Printables


It's Thanksgiving week! Are you crazy busy like me? This is the first year I'll be cooking the entire meal on my own (with help from my kids). If you're also running around planning, decorating, and cooking, you may be looking for a few downloads that you can just print off and give to your kids to keep them busy. Here are a few I've created over the years. 


Introduce your young students to Thanksgiving with this fun activity pack!

There are 44 pages total (15 in English, 15 in Spanish, and Answer Keys) with activities that focus on the following concepts and skills:
  • counting
  • spot the difference
  • measuring
  • puzzles
  • vocabulary
  • tracing
  • featured letter
  • beginning sounds
  • maze
  • writing papers

A Bilingual Thanksgiving Storybook

Boost your child's vocabulary and reading skills with this Thanksgiving storybook. Designed for kids PreK through 1st grade, this story lists things for which children often give thanks on this holiday, so the student will enjoy coloring while learning the words for "friends/amigos," "family/familia," "grandma/abuelita," and more. Just choose the book that best suits your needs:

• a bilingual book (English & Spanish)
• English only (for ELL)
• Spanish only (for Spanish learners)

Boost your child's reading and writing skills with this minibook of Thanksgiving words. The pages show items typically associated with Thanksgiving, so the student will enjoy coloring while learning the words for "corn/maíz," "turkey/pavo," "harvest/cosecha" and more. Also available in three book format. 

Learn about acrostic poems with these Thanksgiving-themed acrostic poem writing pages! Includes directions and examples in both English and Spanish, as well as 5 different acrostic pages with prompts of varying length and difficulty. There's also a blank page to allow children to use their own focus word.

While you are planning your menu for Thanksgiving, why not take the opportunity to turn this time into a teachable moment and spend some quality time with your kids? I've created these free Thanksgiving recipe cards (available in English and Spanish) so your child can write down your family's favorite recipes for the holiday. It would make a wonderful family heirloom or even a lovely gift to share with family.


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