Monday, November 2, 2020

A More Complete History: Hispanic Activists

Traditional history programs have long omitted or downplayed the critical role that Hispanics have played in U.S. history. But many of these activists have advocated and created sweeping social change or contributed to the restitution of societal wrongs through their actions.

That is why I'm so pleased to share with you a grant project that I've finally completed and published on Teachers Pay Teachers.

A More Complete History - Unit 1: Hispanic Activists is a comprehensive Teach for Justice unit that focuses on five important (and often forgotten) historical figures of the 1900s. Designed for high school students, this 150 page unit is comprised of lesson plans for both in-person and virtual learning. It uses articles and mini-documentaries as secondary sources. And it includes: 

  • challenging pre-reading questions,
  • literal comprehension questions,
  • higher-level questions,
  • social-emotional connections, 
  • essay questions, 
  • project based learning options, 
  • vocabulary worksheets,
  • and research & present topics. 
Answer keys and options for worksheets and summative assessments that allow for differentiated learning are also included.

The five figures covered in this unit are:

  • Jovita Idár
  • Sylvia Mendez
  • Ralph Lazo
  • Willie Velásquez
  • and Helen Rodríguez Trías
These are in-depth lessons to challenge students and highlight figures who have fought for equality in the press, education, politics, health, and society. They fought not just for their own families, but for Hispanics as a whole and other marginalized groups.

These lesson plans are only available in English as they are centered around English secondary sources.

If you'd like to see a sample, Lesson 4: Willie Velásquez is available free for download.

If you use these lesson in your home or school classroom, please let me know. I welcome feedback. And if you send me a few photographs, I'll send you a special gift. 

This project was made possible by the Teachers Pay Teachers' Teach for Justice Grant Program. I'm so thankful to have been selected to participate.



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