Thursday, October 16, 2014

MommyMaestra Resources for Día de los Muertos

Many of you might have noticed that Día de los Muertos has reached Latinos and non-Latinos in America with a bang this year. If you are looking for crafts, printables, videos, books, lesson plans, or anything else related to the holiday, scroll down for a list of MommyMaestra's resources for Día de los Muertos! There is a ton of Day of the Dead content on this site for both educators and families. You're sure to find something that meets your needs. 

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A Note from Betty

For us, this year, Día de los Muertos will be a little bigger than other years for so many reasons. My boys are getting older and one will understand a lot more than his brothers. He can't wait to see The Book of Life this weekend and mainly because of Mommy Maestra! Throughout the years, thanks to Monica, the founder of this amazing site, my boys have been learning about this beautiful tradition for a while now! Thank you for helping parents and teachers educate our children in this way and SO many other ways. We are truly grateful for all your hard work.

For the past four years, Monica has created printables, developed lesson plans, and gathered great Día de los Muertos ideas for kids of all ages. I hope you find all the resources that you need in the links below. 


Day of the Dead Lesson Plans

Crafts & Activities




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