Monday, October 14, 2019

Free Download: Day of the Dead Writing Pages

It's time for MKB's Day of the Dead Series! This year, I'm sharing this free download of Day of the Dead writing pages. I hope you'll download them and share them with your children and/or students. Scroll down to see how to add to their writing experience!

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The Multicultural Kid Blogs' Day of the Dead Series

I can't express how much I love being a part of the Multicultural Kid Blogs community. In my own struggle to raise world citizens, they have taught me so tremendously much about what it means to be a global citizen. From recipes to holiday descriptions to art, music, and so much more, they've truly helped me to better understand other countries and cultures and, most importantly, people. And I so enjoy all the resources that they offer their readers, especially those downloads and crafts designed for families and children.

So, of course, it is no surprise that every year they recognize the Día de los Muertos holiday. The last few years, I wasn't able to participate as I struggled to care for my mom and have a baby. (One was hard enough, but juggling both duties at the same time took most of my attention.) But I definitely followed along. And I'm happy to join this year.

Free Day of the Dead Writing Pages

My contribution is a free download. These Day of the Dead Writing Pages come in several designs and formats for beginning and advanced writers. AND they are available in both English and Spanish.

How to Use these Writing Pages

You can, of course, just give your kids the writing pages and allow them to write whatever they want. But if your students need some guidance or topics to get them started, here are a few ideas for using the writing pages. You could have your student(s):

  • write their own Calavera poems
  • write a report on the holiday
  • write about what Día de los Muertos means to them
  • write about how their family celebrates the holiday
  • write about who they are remembering this year in their Day of the Dead celebration
  • write about the elements that are included on the ofrenda

The Free Download

I hope you enjoy using them in your classrooms or at home.

Additional Ways to Make Writing Fun

If you'd like some more ideas for making this writing activity extra fun, consider giving your children the following as a gift or packet to celebrate the holiday.

Sugar Skull Smens - Scented Pens

Sugar Skull Ballpoint Pens

Sugar Skull Pencil Case

Sugar skulls elephant organizer

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