Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Sugar Skull Calendar by Thaneeya McArdle

I'm loving the creativity I see when it comes to decorating sugar skulls. Some of the calaveras are just so beautiful! I can see where some might enjoy a full year of them. So I wanted to share this 2015 Sugar Skull Calendar by Thaneeya McArdle that I found on Amazon. 

NOTE: If you love the calendar's artwork but not the year (sorry, 2015!), scroll down to check out Thaneeya's other artwork for sugar skulls and more!

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Why Coloring is Important for Children

Just like handwriting, coloring is also important for children because it directly affects impulse control. Coloring can be an important part of a social emotional learning (SEL) curriculum, which is important in both home and school classrooms. In fact, coloring has many benefits, including fine motor control, the ability to focus, relaxation to our amygdala (where our brain processes stress), understanding the importance of boundaries, and the ability to notice details, just to name a few.

This article on Scholastic about The Benefits of Coloring and Drawing is also a great read and why I think it is so important for children. 

Thaneeya McArdle Art for Families

Thaneeya McArdle is an internationally collected artist who works in a variety of styles, ranging from photorealism to abstraction, to a whimsical combination of the two. 

Colorful, fun, and full of psychedelic details, the Sugar Skulls 2015 Wall Calendar features 13 of Thaneeya McArdle's intricately drawn and beautifully colored pieces of skull art inspired by Día de los Muertos. If you are just interested in the art, you could still purchase this calendar and tear out the pages and frame the sugar skulls for decoration during Day of the Dead.

But maybe you aren't looking for a 2015 calendar anymore. Good news! She also has the following coloring books available for families.

Day of the Dead Coloring Book by Thaneeya McArdle

30 Beginner-Friendly Creative Art Activities with Sugar Skulls for Dia de Muertos;
Extra-Thick Perforated Paper Resists Bleed Through

Sugar Skulls Coloring Book by Thaneeya McArdle

32 Fun & Quirky Art Activities Inspired by the Day of the Dead

Ultimate Day of the Dead Coloring Book by Thaneeya McArdle

84 Designs on Perforated Paper

Other Coloring Books by Thaneeya

If you love her style and are looking for other coloring books in a different theme, consider one of these:

Christmas Coloring Book

Delightful Animal Families

40 Beginner-Friendly Creative Art Activities

World Traveler Coloring Book

30 World Heritage Sites, Beginner-Friendly Art Activities

When to Use Coloring Books with Children

Coloring books should be fun and easy. You can use them anytime, but here are a few ideas of when to pull out that coloring book and let your kids get to work:

  • in the mornings before you start your morning lessons (for homeschoolers)
  • as a brain break after difficult lessons or assignments
  • before bed, to calm your child and help their brain settle down after the excitement of the day
  • when you are in the car
  • when guests come over to visit
  • when you are at medical appointments
  • when you are running errands
  • at events or meetings that their siblings must attend
  • while you are helping their older siblings with other subjects

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