Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Book Review: Paquito y Abuelito

Paquito y Abuelito
It occurred to me that I have never done an actual review of the book, Paquito y Abuelito. Everyone knows its sister title, Rosita y Conchita, but few actually know what this other story by Eric Gonzalez is about.

So let me tell you why I love this book just as much as their first Day of the Dead story.

Día de los Muertos has arrived, but for Paquito, it's just another day. He prefers to spend his time playing video games and is bored by most everything else. Then his Grandmother, his Abuelita, walks in with a box full of stuff and asks him to set up the altar in honor of his late Abuelito (Grandfather) for that evening's festivities. Paquito is apathetic, but agrees.

He goes back to his video games when all of a sudden Abuelito appears and takes Paquito on a journey that shares his adventurous life with his grandson. And he uses NICHOS to do so.

The book Rosita y Conchita taught us all about the significance of the altar and the ofrendas. Now, Gonzalez introduces readers to another Day of the Dead tradition: nichos.

I love the creativity and humor in this story and I think you will, too. The illustrations are (again) bold and vibrant and full of action. It's impossible for kids to read this book and not get engaged in both the storyline and the visual story. Take a look at some of the inside pages...

I also love that the main characters are male, for those of you whose children may have thought Rosita y Conchita too girly. This book is really the perfect complement to the other and a must-have for any home or school library.

The best thing about these books is how the author has included full text in both English AND Spanish.

And just as they added a section in the back of the first book with a sugar skull recipe and directions on how to draw Rosita, the Muertoons characters are back at the end of this story with directions for making your own nicho (so funny!).

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