Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Day of the Dead Preschool Activity Book

I'm super happy to share that I have a new book out that celebrates the upcoming Día de los Muertos holiday and introduces it to children.

Day of the Dead Preschool Activity Book is now available on Amazon. This 40-page activity book is filled with fun, colorful activities to keep your preschooler learning while having fun.

It includes a short description of the holiday at the beginning of the book and then launches into activities that help your children develop their literacy and counting skills. Coloring pages give them an opportunity to strengthen their fine-motor skills, and puzzles and mazes give them an opportunity to work on hand-to-eye coordination. Your kids will identify the beginning sounds of specific words and can also practice writing.

The activities are diverse to engage children at different skill levels. Beginning preschoolers may prefer simpler activities, and older children will enjoy more complex ones.

This book is currently available in English only. If there's enough interest, I'll consider publishing a Spanish version. Just let me know if that's what you prefer.

You can order your copy here:

And if you would like these activities in a download that is English or Spanish, and in black-and-white, click here.


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