Thursday, October 9, 2014

Por Ellos, Sí Podemos Photo Series to Break Stereotypes & Inspire Latinos

A few days ago, a colleague in a Facebook group shared this Huffington Post article and I immediately knew you'd want to know about it. This photo series by photographer Eunique Jones Gibson is so sweet and inspiring, I wish it were a book! I would totally buy it.

While interacting with parents during her photo shoots for her "Because Of Them, We Can" photo series,  Gibson decided to expand her project and add Por Ellos, Sí Podemos. It launched last month at the beginning of Hispanic Heritage Month. You do not want to miss this!

The bilingual website features dozens of influential Latinos and their quotes in moving photographs and videos starring...Latino children. I want to squeeze each and every one of them.

Inspired by her own two sons, Gibson says her goal is to break down stereotypes and boost children's self esteem...

Below are just two examples of their awesome content. I hope you'll head on over there with your children to see it all.


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