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Día de los Niños PowerPoint Presentations

Día de los Niños presentations in PowerPoint and Google Slides in English and Spanish.

Are you teaching about Día de los Niños, Día de los Libros this week? If so, be sure to download my Día presentation for PowerPoint and Google Slides!

What is Día de los Niños

Día de los Niños y Día de los Libros, also known as Children's Day and Book Day, is a holiday celebrated here in the U.S. on April 30th. 

This day is dedicated to celebrating children, their unique qualities, promoting their well-being and happiness, and the love of reading. Children's Day was brought to the U.S. in the 1990s and combined with a love of books by the children's author, Pat Mora, who was inspired by the Mexican holiday.

In Mexico, El Día del Niño's roots lie in ancient Mesoamerican cultures, and the holiday has evolved into a day of fun activities, special events, and traditions that highlight the importance of children in society.

Today, Día de los Niños y Día de los Libros is a time for families and communities to come together to celebrate and cherish the children in their lives and the joy of reading.

Día de los Niños presentations in PowerPoint and Google Slides in English and Spanish.

Día de los Niños Presentations for PowerPoint & Google Slides

The best way to introduce a new topic, in my opinion, is when you can start with a visual presentation that explains the key points. Because my Día Activity Packet is so popular, I thought it would be great to put together a slide show to help kick off a lesson. 

This 12-slide presentation introduces children to the holiday in a fun way. The slides talk about what exactly the holiday is about, and even gives a brief history of how it came to be here in the United States.

I've also included a slide on the symbols and traditions associated with Día and ended with a list of 10 ways that anyone can celebrate the holiday.

This product comes with four files:
  • English-only PowerPoint
  • Spanish-only PowerPoint
  • English-only Google Slides
  • Spanish-only Google Slides
You pick the format that best suits your home or classroom.

To Use with In-Person or Distance Learning

The best part is that this presentation can be displayed on your classroom whiteboard, or assigned through Google Classroom, and soon it will be available on TpT's Easel, too. 

Online classes can use the file in their lessons by directly sharing their screen with their students.

Día de los Niños literacy activity packet in English and Spanish.

How to Use it in a Lesson

Use this presentation at the beginning of the lesson to introduce the holiday.  Follow up with one or more of the literacy activities available in my Día Activity Pack.

Or you may want to have your students do a literacy craft instead. Here are a few that I recommend:

Día de los Niños book list in full-color or black-and-white.

The Día Book List

You can end your lesson by handing out a copy of my free Día de los Niños book list that's been newly updated for 2023. This list features books mostly written by Latinx authors and that highlight stories and folklore that children will love. 

You might also prefer to print the list ahead of time and select a few books from it to read to your class before or after the presentation.

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