Monday, April 25, 2022

Reading Challenge & Passport

 Bilingual Reading Passport

This week, I'm continuing our Día de los niños series with a free download. If you're a MommyMaestra subscriber, you'll find this printable reading passport in your inbox this evening. If not, you can purchase my reading passport file in my TpT store

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Bilingual Printable Reading Passport

This reading passport is easy to print and assemble.  

  1. Make sure to select "Actual Size" on your printer settings, or "Custom" and "100%."

  2. Print pages 3 and 4 on two separate pieces of paper (Do not select "Print on both sides of paper.")

  3. Fold page 3 in half with the printed side facing out. 

  4. Fold the page in half again with the dark blue covers on the outside.

  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 with page 4.

  6. Tuck page 4 inside page 3. 

  7. Staple in the middle to hold the booklet together.
The passport has text in both Spanish and English.

How to Use This Reading Passport

You can use the reading passport like a reading log for your child. Just let them enter the titles and authors of the books they've read and keep it like a running account. There is no limit to the number of inner pages you can print and add to your child's passport.

OR you can assign your child a reading challenge...

Latino kid lit

Reading Challenge

I'm always thinking about ways to get kids excited about reading. And one of those is with a reading challenge. 

One simple and easy challenge is to have your kids read 8 books in one month. You can set the details based on your child's interests and reading level (picture books, chapter books, poetry, etc.), or just let them choose which books they want to read.

Other challenges could be for the summer or school year. You can require books by Latino authors, classics, novels, short stories, books in Spanish, biographies, or even graphic novels. You can also challenge your student to read one book from each genre.

Whatever you do, be flexible and have fun!

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