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Día Craft: DIY Book-Inspired Sports ID Tag

Día de los niños, Día de los libros is quickly approaching. And one of the requests we've received from our readers is for more Día inspired crafts. So that will be the focus of our next several posts. Today's craft comes from guest contributor and artist Denise Cortes, who originally wrote this for L4LL. 

Día is about celebrating children and books, as well as inspiring literacy. We hope you enjoy this tutorial for a DIY book-inspired sports ID tag. Be sure to scroll down for a list of sports-themed picture books that your children may also love!

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Día de los Niños Craft Idea

With this cool ID tag on your soccer (or baseball or football) bag, you can easily spot it amongst your teammates’. It also showcases your love of reading and soccer (or whatever sport you play).


- scissors
- hole punch
- loose leaf binder ring (we also like these binder rings for a splash of color)
- cardboard
- scrapbooking paper 
- black marker


Whenever I am crafting, I really try to utilize my resources. Instead of going out and buying a thick piece of cardstock, I used a piece of cardboard. I just cut it down to the size I wanted my ID tag, which was 3 x 3 inches. 

I also cut a circle so I could make a soccer ball shape. On the white paper, draw a soccer ball, making sure its the same size as the cardboard circle. Color it in with the Sharpie marker and then cut it out.

Glue the soccer ball drawing onto the round cardboard shape. Also, glue the blue scrapbooking paper onto the cardboard as well. 

You can use a glue stick, but for this particular project, I prefer Mod Podge. Not only will it glue my shapes together, it will seal the surface and make the ID tag a bit more sturdy. 

This means you’ll need a coat under your paper to glue it down to the surface as well as a coat brushed on top to act as a sealer. Once that coat is dry, you can add little details on your “book” with a black marker.

My son’s team was called “The Transformers” and the team color was blue, so I kept to a blue palette. I also cut out a few triangles to give it a fun, modern look. Glue them down with another coat of Mod Podge. Doodling a few fun designs would look great on your ID tag, too.

Once it’s completely dry, make a hole in the corner of each shape using the hole punch. Pull the shapes onto the loose leaf binder ring.

Be sure to flip the ID tag over and write down your information, just in case your bag gets lost. Your book-inspired sports ID tag is now ready to be displayed on a sports bag or backpack! 

Sports-Themed Books for Día

We recommend these picture books for sports lovers:

And be sure to check out this book written especially for celebrating Día!

Book Fiesta! by Pat Mora

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