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Día Craft: Music-Themed Magazine Holder

Here is another fun craft that nurtures a reading culture in your home. Today's tutorial comes from guest contributor Dariela Cruz of MamiTalks, who originally wrote this for L4LL. 

Magazine holders are so useful. I never think of them for the kids’ room, but even if the kids don’t have any magazines, they always have coloring books, reading workbooks, math workbooks, or notebooks that can definitely be organized better inside a magazine rack.

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Día de los Niños Craft: Themed Magazine Holder

This magazine rack is made out of a cereal box, some scrapbooking paper, and stickers. It is very easy to make and the kids can help, too. 

This one has a musical theme and can be very useful for storing sheet music and/or music notebooks. But let your child choose the theme that appeals to them the most. There are many wonderful designs of scrapbooking paper available for each kid’s preference. 

Guide them through this craft and they will love making something useful for their own room!



Grab the empty box of cereal and place a magazine on top of it.

Make marks with the permanent marker on one side of the box a little bit higher than the magazine height and on the other side make a mark a little bit lower than the half of the magazine’s total height.

Draw a line joining both marks then continue on the other side with the help of a ruler.

Carefully cut the box with scissors (or with a craft knife) along the marked lines.

The structure of the magazine holder is done. Now to decorate it!

Use the first scrapbooking paper and lay the box on top of it. NOTE: it will cover only two sides of the box. 

With a pencil mark the paper leaving space for flaps on every side and the top and bottom, they don't need to be precise, just make sure you have them all, then cut along your marks with scissors.

Once the paper is cut, apply the glue with a brush to all its areas.

Glue the paper around the two sides of the box.

Mark, cut, and glue the second scrapbooking paper the same way as the first but don’t leave flaps on 2 sides so that the border of the paper is exactly aligned with the edge of the box.

Once the whole magazine holder is wrapped with paper, apply the decoupage glue all over it and let it dry for a couple of hours.

Cut a small rectangle of scrapbooking paper and place it on the inside of the back of the magazine holder. This part will show even when the magazines are inside.

OPTIONAL: You may want to cover all of the inner sides and spine.

Now, it’s time for the fun part! 

Let the kids use the stickers and have fun decorating the magazine holder! Use them on the thin sides of the holder, which are the ones that will show more often when it’s in use.

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