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15+ Earth Day Crafts & Printables for Kids

Check out these Earth Day crafts and printables for kids to celebrate the holiday. They're suitable for children who speak or are learning any language!

Why Craft on Earth Day?

Using crafts to celebrate Earth Day has numerous benefits for children and adults alike. 
  • It's a fun and engaging way to learn about the importance of taking care of our planet. 

  • It can also inspire creativity and encourage problem-solving skills as individuals think about ways to repurpose or recycle materials. 

  • Crafts can also foster a sense of community as people come together to work on projects that benefit the environment. 

  • Crafting can be a therapeutic activity that helps to reduce stress and promote mental well-being
  • Making crafts out of recycled or repurposed materials, individuals can reduce waste and contribute to a more sustainable future.

The best part of making crafts, in my opinion, is that they can usually be done in ANY language. I hope you and your children or students enjoy this compilation of some pretty great crafts and printables to do for Earth Day.

Earth Day Crafts for Kids

Here's a list of hands-on crafts for kids to make as they learn about and celebrate Earth Day.

  1. Cascarones Activity
    If you have any cascarones left over from Easter, then use them! If not, don't waste those expensive eggs you are buying: use the eggshells to create your own Earth-friendly seed starter pots!

  2. Recycled Earth Day Craft
    I really love this simple confetti planet Earth from No Time for Flash Cards. It's just lovely and easy for little fingers to make.

  3. Earth Day Printable Headband
    This is a great printable craft from Simple Everyday Mom to get things started, and to get kids excited for the day’s activities. Coloring and wearing this headband will put them in just the right frame of mind. 

  4. DIY Earthy Rock and Fossil Fridge Magnets
    These DIY magnets from Sustain My Craft Habit are a neat idea that can keep the concept of Earth Day in their minds all year round every time they look at the refrigerator. The supplies list is short, but worth picking up ahead of time, as it isn’t all stuff people keep laying around.

  5. Bird-Friendly Seed Mosaic Bird Feeders
    Feeding birds is great. Feeding birds safely is a major concern, though. These planet-friendly, bird-friendly feeders by Barley & Birch allow for a lot of creativity, and only take a few cheap ingredients. Great way to learn about reduce, reuse, and recycle. 

  6. Fairy Greenhouse Egg Carton Seed Starters
    Also by Barley & Birch are these super clever egg carton seed starters! I mean, seriously, recycling at its best. We eat the eggs, use the eggshells as seed starter pots, and then re-use the plastic carton as a mini greenhouse. It's what Earth Day is all about!

  7. Sprout House
    This Sprout House from STEM Education Guide is such a cool idea, and one that will keep kids engaged for some time after Earth Day. Build a small house out of sponges, and line them with sprout seeds. Put water in the dish, and watch day by day for the sprouts to grow.

  8. Recycled Plastic Bottle Planters Craft 
    These Recycled Bottle Planters by Craving Some Creativity are the perfect size for succulents and help keep single use plastics out of landfills. Younger ones will need help, but they will love the adorable animal faces.

  9. Hot Rock Melted Crayon Craft
    Older kids will love this craft from by Simply Well Balanced. It may take a fair amount of supervision based on your child's age and skill level, but the results are so fantastic. Crayons partially melt when used on hot rocks to create unique patterns. This is a great outdoor activity on Earth Day!

  10. Earth Day Daisies 
    Oh my gosh, these are just the cutest things! Buggy and Buddy has this gorgeous little craft made out of cupcake liners. I think you will love displaying them as much as your kids will making them!

  11. DIY Upcycled Toilet Paper Seedling Pots and Painted Stone Garden Markers 
    Toilet paper rolls can be recycled in multiple ways. But this option from The Forked Spoon creates another gorgeous planter that kids can check back day after day to watch their plants magically grow.

Earth Day Printables for Kids

If you prefer print-and-go activities, consider this list of Earth Day downloads.

  1. Earth Day Acrostic Poem Activity
    This packet of bilingual Earth Day acrostic poem templates includes directions and examples in both English and Spanish. There are five different acrostic pages with prompts of varying length and difficulty. There's also a blank page to allow children to use their own focus word.

  2. Bilingual Earth Day Activities for PreK - 1st
    This bilingual packet full of Earth-Day-themed activities is also available in English and Spanish. 

  3. Free Download: Bilingual Earth Day Puzzle Cards 
    This activity is good for language learners and preschoolers. These bilingual puzzles are made up of 12 cards that feature different ways to be kind to the Earth...in English and Spanish.

  4. Free Printable Earth Template 
    There are so many different crafts and learning opportunities with these Earth templates by Lil Tigers. Print several to take advantage of multiple crafts on Earth Day. Can be used in any language.

  5. Earth Day Color by Number Printable
    Younger ones may enjoy helping with some of the other projects, but they aren’t going to be fully engaged in several of them. These colorable printables by Mommy Made That offer a project that they can tackle on their own. Kids can make some very cute pictures, and will love figuring out which colors go in which parts. English only.

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