Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Día de los Niños Activity Packet

Next Tuesday is Día de los Niños/Día de los Libros. If you are looking for a few fun activities or materials to use in your classroom, check out my new Día de los Niños Activity Pack!

Inside this download, you'll find eight reading resources to celebrate Día with your students, including:

  • A poster to hang in your classroom describing what Día is all about,
  • Día bookmarks for your kids to color, cut, paste, and laminate (optional),
  • What book am I? headbands (or Who am I? for alternate play featuring a character in a book you've read over the year),
  • Spine List activity - just a fun way to record the titles of books,
  • Book Bucks! in increments of $1, $5, or $10 for you to distribute as you see fit,
  • Roll-a-Story game and game sheet (super fun!),
  • a Book Report worksheet,
  • and a fill-in-the-blank activity in which your students talk about what makes them unique
And as always, they are available in English and Spanish - you choose which language works best for you!

And along the lines of literacy, be sure to follow MommyMaestra closely next month as I focus on helping you to prepare for summer. I have tons of book recommendations coming, as well as other resources and opportunities. 😉

Happy reading!


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