Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Free Download: Bilingual Easter Counting Mats

I was unpacking a box the other day and found a collection of miniature Easter-themed decorations that my kids used one year when they decorated a shoebox float. So I started thinking about how I could use them next year with my toddler (who is just a little bit too young to play with them this year), and - Bing! - I came up with several ideas.

This one was too good not to share.

So I sat down at my computer and pulled up my Easter-themed clipart and quickly put together these counting mats for children learning to count from one to five. So much fun, they can easily be used with ANY small objects...decorations, buttons, beans, etc. **IMPORTANT! Be careful with little objects that can be choking hazards if your child is prone to putting things in his or her mouth. Use only with supervision!

I think that I will probably laminate mine next year so that I can use them as an activity to keep my child busy while I am cooking dinner or doing school with my older son.

But if you didn't want to do that, then they would be more versatile because you could also use Easter-themed stickers or just let your child draw shapes, eggs, or whatever they want!

I hope you enjoy this free set of counting mats to use with your own toddlers or preschoolers!

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