Thursday, September 12, 2013

The Big Wet Balloon, El globo grande y mojado

I love it when I find fun early readers. And when they are (also) available in Spanish, I think of you! So when I received a copy of The Big Wet Balloon, El globo grande y mojado from Toon Books and read it, I was thrilled.

In my opinion, the number one thing that inspires children to read is when they have access to fun, engaging stories to which they themselves can relate. This lovely little book does exactly that as it is the story of two young sisters teaching each other to enjoy a wet Saturday. It is a sweet and simple book that captures the innocence and love between two little girls. You will love it, I think. You can see the whole thing for yourself by watching the little video below of the book read aloud. But one more thing that I loved about this book is how in the back there are tips for parents and teachers on how to read comics with kids. And educators can also find downloadable guides on the Toon Books website.

The author/illustrator, Ricardo Liniers Siri, lives in Buenos Aires and says that his first book was inspired by his own two daughters. Liniers is the author of the hugely popular comic strip, Macanudo, which is published in the Argentine newspaper La NaciĆ³n. His work has been published internationally, and he has appeared on the cover of Newsweek Argentina, among others. After watching the following video created by RioComiCon, it's easy to see why he has been so successful; he is engaging, amusing, and very creative. See for yourself...

This book is available in paperback or hardback in both English and Spanish, but it is the only book by Toon Books to be printed in Spanish so far. Probably because that is the language in which it was originally written. But if it is popular, then I like to think that they would consider offering additional books in Spanish - so don't hesitate to order it! Let's encourage publishers to print more bilingual versions of their titles.

¡A leer!


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