Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Tech Tuesday: Amazon Rainforest Discovery Bilingual App

This is a sponsored collaboration with KituKids. However, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

I love high-quality apps that teach about biodiversity. So when I was asked to take a look at the new apps by Kitu Kids and learned that they were centered around the Amazon Rainforest, I was perfectly happy to do so. Today, I'm only reviewing one of their apps, but I'll be sure to post a review of the second soon. Kitu Kids was founded by Latina mom and entrepreneur, Daniela Arredondo de Kehoe. Her apps were developed with her two sons in mind and she believes in the importance of creating "opportunities for our children to connect with each other through positive learning."

Name: Amazon Rainforest Discovery
Subject(s): Reading, Science, Biodiversity 
Brief Description:  A beautifully illustrated bilingual app for your iPad that teaches children about the animals found in the different layers of the Amazon Rainforest. 
Price: $1.99 
Language: English & Spanish 
Ages: 6 and up 

What my kids like:  My son, who wants to grow up to be an animal rescuer, loves any app that is about wild animals, but he especially likes how this app features lesser-known wild animals that actually exist and aren't made up. He also enjoys the challenge of finding the different animals hidden in each layer of the rainforest. Since he is such a social little guy, he also loves that the main characters of the app are kids, too.

What I like: As a teacher, I like the fact that each level corresponds to a different layer of the rainforest, and each level begins with a short description with some fast facts about that layer. As a former zookeeper, I absolutely love the variety of animals that are presented  for each layer, and how my kids can learn more details about each animal at the end of each challenge. As a Latina, I like how the app offers users the option of listening to the app in English or Spanish, and how at the end, there are vocabulary words in Spanish for the Spanish learners, or English for the English learners. 

Note: I did notice a couple of grammar errors in the English text, but I hope that future upgrades will take care of those.

Here are a few more shots:


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