Thursday, September 5, 2013

Free Back-to-School Printables in Spanish

This month's free printables from Monarca Language are all about going back to school. One of the subjects that preschoolers and kindergartners learn about is their own body, specifically their senses. What better way to nurture your child's inner scientist than by exploring how their own senses provide so much information to their young brains? There are tons of activities you can do in association with this theme, so after telling you a bit about the printables, I'll share with you some additional resources.

The first printable is a set of vocabulary cards centered around the senses. Con mis ojos yo veo. Con mis manos yo toco. And so on. Taste is the only sense not included in this set, but I think that what I would do is cut out a blank piece of paper the same size as the other four, and write Con mi lengua yo pruebo. across the bottom. Then have your child draw his or her own picture. When the cards are complete, have your child cut them out and use them to make up his or her own story.

The second printable is an easy way to boost both math and literacy skills at the same time. Your child just counts the number of school supplies in each section and circles the correct number. What a great way to develop number recognition and counting skills! You could even have your child find these supplies at home then have her sort and count them.

Here are some additional resources you may find useful:

Paso Partners: Offers a free, bilingual downloadable curriculum and resource guide for bilingual teachers of K - 3rd grade. Their kindergarten lesson plans include a section on The Five Senses/Los Cinco Sentidos.

Books in Spanish:
Mis cinco sentidos (Let's-Read-and-Find... Science 1) by Aliki

¡Mira!: Un libro sobre la vista (Nuestro Asombroso Cuerpo: Los Cinco Sentidos) (Spanish Edition) by Dana Meachen Rau and Rick Charles Peterson

¡Qué rico!: Un libro sobre el gusto (Nuestro Asombroso Cuerpo: Los Cinco Sentidos) (Spanish Edition) by Dana Meachen Rau and Rick Charles Peterson


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