Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Latism '13 Recap

Unlike many of my blogging amigas, I don't get to attend very many conferences each year. In fact, I don't get much time away by myself ever. I know. It's totally unhealthy and it is certainly not because I don't want time to myself on occasion! Homeschooling and a lack of babysitters makes traveling alone especially hard at this point. But I generally try to make it to at least one conference, sometimes two.

The main one that I always try to attend is the LATISM conference that takes place each fall. I've chosen LATISM because of their commitment to education and the education track that features many panels and guest speakers. I very much enjoy learning all the most recent statistics regarding Latinos and education, including higher education. But I especially love learning about new programs, resources, and opportunities for Latino students and their families.

Hearing about the amazing work that other institutions and individuals are doing is very inspirational for me personally, and helps to reignite my commitment to you, dear Readers, and our children.

In addition, this year it moved me so much to see my name listed not once but twice in the Best Latina Education Blog Award category for two of my sites: and, which I co-founded with my partner, Viviana Hurtado, of The Wise Latina Club.  To all of you who voted for L4LL, a sincere gracias. Winning the award for the third year in the row, even though this year it was for a different site, blew my mind. Next year, it is someone else's turn.

This year, I also had the opportunity to attend the Top Blogueras Retreat prior to the conference where we received additional support in developing our sites as actual businesses, because the reality is that you can help others and still get paid for it. And as a homeschooling mom, I need the extra income because though my husband is an expert in his field and is doing what he loves, his job, unfortunately, isn't exactly considered high-income. I love working from home and the opportunities it allows me when it comes to teaching my kids. And I love being able to share resources with parents and educators like you who are looking for these materials, sites and opportunities, even if I can't use them myself with my own children. It's really good to know that someone else benefits from MommyMaestra. And everyone should get paid for working hard and doing something they love, no?

I'm so thankful to the sponsors, Suave, Johnson & Johnson, Google, and Univision, who made this trip possible for all of us blogueras and supporting Latinos in social media. The retreat included a meeting with representatives from the United Nations, as well as a trip to the U.N. It was a wonderful opportunity to see social good in action and inspired me to continue writing and helping our kids learn the value of a great education.

Thank you, Latism, for all the great work you do for Latino families, especially in the area of education.

Un abrazo...


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