Thursday, September 19, 2013

Taking His Hispanic Heritage Around the World

My six year old has been very fortunate to travel to many places around the world. He takes great pride in being able to say that he has been to over 10 countries. This is something we don't take for granted though. We have made "travel" a learning experience and have made sure that it isn't a bragging right, but purely the discovery of new places, the education of history and language, and uniqueness of the people.

We wonder if his interest of the world has developed because of these great experiences. My husband and I like to play a guessing game of our son's future career. Will he become a diplomat one day? Or a pilot? Only time will tell. We do know that his passion for learning of other countries, different cultures and even geography has been the basis for the love of his own heritage.

Diego knows he is a boy of Mexican decent, born in Tokyo-Japan and living in his country, the United States. He knows his extended family lives in Chicago, that he has lived in Singapore, New York City and now loving New Jersey. He knows he is American but that his grandparents are from Mexico. His best friends don't look like him or even speak Spanish. One cousin is half Puerto-Rican. Three others are white American. His ears perk up when the announcer at the New York Red Bull stadium speaks Spanish. He listens for other languages. He is waiting for the moment to visit his buddy in London and can't wait to go back to Puerto Vallarta and Japan.

Through his knowledge of the world, our son keeps learning more and more about his Hispanic heritage. The questions are non-stop! "What do they do about that in Mexico? How many dialects does Mexico have? Do they celebrate this? That??" And on and on! We continue to answer his questions as best as we can. We bring out our books, teach him what we know, practice Spanish, prepare the meals, listen to the music and show him our love for Mexico. He's loving it all and sharing it right back.

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