Thursday, July 1, 2010

Summer Learning Series: El Mar (The Sea)

As part of our summer learning series, we're looking at different themes related to the season for our studies. Today's post focuses on the ocean!

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Summer Learning Series: The Sea

Since we will be headed to the beach this summer, we have started learning about the ocean in both English and Spanish. I bought a fabulous little book from DK Publishing titled, Voyage: Ocean A full-speed-ahead tour of the oceans. Unfortunately, it is really hard to find now, but it was a gem that I discovered in one of my overstock book stores. We really love it because it includes a poster, fact cards, and some fun stickers.

My kids are young artists. So as part of their learning, I also asked them to create a poster of an underwater scene. 

I had them use the book, How to Draw 101 Animals, to help them with drawing their animals. I did not help them choose or draw the animals, so they had to rely on what they already knew about the ocean or what they have been learning in our book studies. (Which explains why there is un loro at the top of the poster! Ahem.)

And then we went through and labeled all the animals in Spanish. I have some more projects in Spanish to include using pictures that I have taken of their drawings. More on that later.

I've been exploring other awesome resources for learning about the ocean. And here are some of my favorites. 

Ocean-Themed Crafts & Activities

Ocean Printables

• I have a packet on Sharks of the World available in English and Spanish. This 20-page packet focuses on 12 species and includes activities to learn about the parts of a shark, the life cycles of different shark species, apex predators, keystone species, as well as interesting facts about each of the above species in the fact files for the fandex. They can then use the fandex to complete a few activities. And finally, students can review what they learned after putting together my Shark Fortune Teller.

Homeschool and Happiness has a dolphin facts and activity printable that you may enjoy, also. 

Hess Un-Academy has this comprehensive unit study on sea turtles.

If you are looking for something a little simpler, like a one-page printable, then consider one of the following: 

Bilingual Books about the Ocean

Also here are some of the books in Spanish or English that you may enjoy:

Spanish books:

El Mundo Marino (Discovery Guides ("Ocean Worlds")) by Francesca Baines

Oceanos Y Mares/ Oceans and Seas (Spanish Edition) by Nicola Davies

Habitats Acuaticos/ Water Habitats (Introduccion a Los Habitats / Introduction to Habitats) (Spanish Edition) by Molly Aloian and Bobbie Kalman

• Océanos: El planeta bajo el agua como nunca antes lo habías visto by DK Publishing

English books:

Ultimate Oceanpedia: The Most Complete Ocean Reference Ever (National Geographic Kids) by Christina Wilsdon   

Biographies about Ocean Lovers

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