Thursday, July 29, 2010

Paso Partners Offers Integrated Program

      photo by benketaro

Paso Partners is a partnership of three public schools, an institution of higher education, and SEDL specialists. Together they have created a curriculum and resource guide for bilingual teachers of K - 3rd grade. On their website you can download (for free) lessons and a guide with a curriculum plan, instructional strategies and activities, suggested teacher and student materials and assessment procedures. Printed copies are also available for purchase.

Each grade level comes with three units that include teaching and learning strategies that will excite children about the world of mathematics, science and language. Each unit is available in English or Spanish. But be sure to visit their Introduction page, for a good overview of the entire program. The lessons are as follows:

The Five Senses/Los Cinco Sentidos
Spiders/Las Arañas
Dinosaurs/Los Dinosaurios

1st Grade:
Plants & Seeds/Plantas y Semillas (The picture above is of chile pepper seedlings!)
The Human Body/El Cuerpo Humano
Good Health/La Buena Salud

2nd Grade:
Oceans/Los Océanos
Weather/El Tiempo
Sun and Stars/El Sol y Las Estrellas

3rd grade:
Matter/La Matería
Sound/El Sonido
Simple Machines/Las Máquinas Sencillas

I'm looking forward to exploring the 1st-grade units - especially The Human Body/El Cuerpo Humano since I have recently bought some other materials for teaching this subject!


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