Monday, July 25, 2022

Children's Books About Sharks in English and Spanish

To continue our celebration of Shark Week 🦈, I started looking through all the bilingual shark-themed children's books on the market. I put together a list of the ones in English and Spanish that I liked best. There are a couple that had both English and Spanish versions. I tried to list all of the titles below starting with books for the youngest "readers" first. 

If you are looking for activity books with a shark-theme, then be sure to check out my post on Children's Crafts & Activities for Shark Week. I've listed those separately at the bottom of that post.

Happy reading!

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Books about Sharks

Children's Books in English that Feature Sharks

by Jess Keating

(Smithsonian Kids First Discovery Books)

by Erwin Lorinser

by Brian Skerry

Children's Books in Spanish that Feature Sharks

Tiburones sorprendentes
by Nicola Davies

by Tamia Sheldon

by Anna Membrino

(Scroll up for English version.)
by Mike Lowery

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