Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Curiosikid: Science Experiments for Kids...in Spanish

A special gracias goes to one of our readers, Tricia, who shared this fantastic web site with us. I was really excited to explore it... and it did not disappoint! Exactly the kind of thing I'm sure many of you can use with your children this summer and throughout the school year.

Curiosikid is a Spanish-only site based out of Venezuela. Created by el Museo de los Niños de Caracas, it features 400 interactive science experiments for kids.

The site focuses on eight major categories, each of which is subdivided into four themes with around 50 experiments. The neatest thing is that most of the experiments can be done in the kitchen of your house using household items. The eight catagories are:

• Discovering Water

• The Invisible

• Living a Thousand Ways

• The Secrets of Air

• Planet Earth

• Extreme Worlds

• Machines for World Exploration

• The Infinitely Small

The goal of Curiosikid is to help children “learn by playing”. It describes itself as a tool to help children discover the worlds of science and technology, and to encourage them to use their free time in a constructive manner. Overall, this site has been well thought out and is great fun for kids.

Con mucho cariño…


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