Thursday, July 22, 2010

Working on Critical Thinking Skills

One of my goals is to help my kids develop their critical thinking skills. So, naturally, I was especially happy earlier this year when I happened to find this awesome little boxed set of manipulatives at my local TJ Maxx - and at a greatly reduced price! I had been secretly yearning for recently discovered some of these attribute blocks after I had read about them in a catalog from the Critical Thinking Company™.

This particular set is put out by Mighty Mind®. Now, I don't know that I would exactly say that it keeps kids busy for hours, but it certainly held my children's attention for the better part of one. (Okay, okay, I'll admit, I really liked doing a few on my own, tambien.)

The kit comes with 30 puzzles geared for beginners. The player begins with card #1 and steadily works through the puzzles in numerical order. They start off very easy so that young children do not get discouraged. These beginning cards actually show you which pieces to use in the puzzle.

Then, each one gets a little bit harder than the last, until finally you have a really challenging one that may involve all the pieces.

Some of the harder puzzles are also layered.

But I love how once my daughter discovered this, she now sometimes adds her own decorative touches and places extra pieces on the top to personalize her piece.

Overall, we've had a lot of fun with this game. And the Mighty Minds® kit was a great introductory set. It is great for starting off the day with a bang, for using during a break, or for ending the day on a good note. I'm definitely looking forward to purchasing more attribute blocks for the coming school year.

If you'd like to buy your own set of attribute blocks, visit La Librería.

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