Thursday, September 15, 2022

How to Draw Like Picasso

As I was working on activities for Hispanic Heritage Month, I researched artists. I was thinking about Cubism and how to draw like Pablo Picasso, so I decided to look up some video lessons for kids and found a fantastic collection of videos that you may enjoy. Some of them include a short biography on Picasso at the beginning of the video, but not all of them. I hope that you'll find one (or more!) of these tutorials easy to follow and inspirational. You can learn more about the artists if you visit my post on Pablo Picasso Lesson Plans, Activities, Coloring Pages, and More.

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Gather Your Art Supplies

Before you get started, first decide on the video tutorial you'll be using. Then go ahead and get all your art supplies together. Here are some of the supplies used in the following art lessons.

How to Create a Picasso/Cubist Face

We'll start with this lesson for K - 5 from Meghan Bergman (be sure to check out her Picasso card game, too)

Mr. Schuette 's - ART CLASS has this simple art lesson for younger children.

I Love Drawing has this mini-lesson on CUBISM FOR KIDS!

Art Fun with Vanessa Lombardo shows you how to draw two different types of faces. I like how she uses different supplies to color in the faces.

Rainbow Parrot Art has this great tutorial on Cubist Portraits. I think it is better suited for older children.

She also has this excellent Picasso Portrait Lesson for Beginners.

Tutorials for Unique Cubist Art

If you'd like to get away from human faces and would like to try something different, check out this one from Admire Design.

Or if you don't like drawing at all, maybe this cardboard Cubist face tutorial from Ms. Pomranky's Art Room is more to your liking!

And this one from Art with Ms. Steratore is awesome, too. It features Picasso's Blue Guitar...

Here's Part 2 and Part 3

Cubism Tutorials for Digital Drawings

The one is a Cubism/Picasso-inspired portrait using illustration software or app, such as Procreate.


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