Monday, July 6, 2015

Joan Miró Activities, Crafts, Lesson Plans and More

Is your child studying a famous artist this summer? Are you looking for fun activities to help make their research come alive? I was doing some research on Joan Miró and found some wonderfully awesome materials. I hope you enjoy them!

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Lesson Plans



(This section contains affiliate links)
  1. Miró (Famous Artists) by Anthony Mason, Andrew Hughes, Jen Green
  2. Joan Miró Coloring Book by Annette Roeder
  3. Draw with Joan Miró by Ana Salvador
  4. Sticker Art Shapes: Joan Miró by Sylvie Delpech
  5. Joan Miró, artista silencioso/ Joan Miró, Silent Artist by AA.VV. (SPANISH)
  6. Pequena historia de Joan Miró/ Short Story of Joan Miró by Fina Duran


These links are to YouTube. As always, parents and teachers should watch the videos first to make sure they are appropriate for their students. If you'd like to share them with your students without giving them access to YouTube, check out the cool tool Video.Link

 The Garden, Juan Miró, Animated Video:

Joan Miró. Un resumen de su vida... Para niños:


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