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Hispanic Heritage Month Printables for Middle & High School

Hispanic Heritage Month Printables for Middle & High School

Hispanic Heritage Month has rolled around once again and this year I have some new HHM resources for middle and high school students. In the past, I have focused a lot on elementary and lower middle school grades. But I see a lot of teachers purchasing those products and using them with older students. (Here's my list of Printable Lessons and Activities to Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month that are for all different ages.) So this year, I sat down to create lesson and activities with those educators in mind.

Here is a list of my HHM downloads, starting with the new ones available for this year, as well as my other established favorites. :)

Hispanic Heritage Month Printables for Middle School & High School

Hispanic Heritage Reading Passage

I am so excited about this one! This new one-page reading passage is dedicated exclusively to Hispanic Heritage Month and talks about how and when it came to be, why it is important to celebrate it, and who are some important figures in U.S. history. It comes with an 8-question comprehension quiz and answer key.

The coolest part is that it includes a digital version if you prefer to assign it for virtual instruction. 

**Note: Those of you who purchase my reading passages regularly will be happy to know that I am working on adding digital versions to all of them. Yay! 

Hispanic Heritage Month Trivia Challenge

This is a Google Sheets™ file designed as a supplemental assessment game! Students test their knowledge of Hispanic Heritage Month by answering up to 12 self-checking trivia questions. They have to choose 8 questions to answer, but may gain bonus points by answering more.

It's a great assessment activity to pair with the following:

Hispanic Heritage Month Escape Room

In this Google Sheets file, students must answer 12 (self-checking) questions about Hispanic Heritage Month to unlock the final word puzzle, then unscramble the letters to escape! Comes with two digital files - one in English, the other in Spanish - plus printable task cards, in case you want to use it as an in-class activity and not as a digital one.

Additional Printables that Highlight Hispanics in History

A More Complete History: Hispanic Activists (Unit 1)

This comprehensive Teach for Justice unit focuses on five important (and often forgotten) historical figures of the 1900s using articles and mini documentaries as our secondary sources. The 150-page unit for high school students includes lesson plans for in-person and virtual learning, as well as essay questions, project based learning options, and research & present topics. Options for worksheets and summative assessments allow for differentiated learning.

The five figures covered in this unit are:
  • Jovita Idár
  • Sylvia Mendez
  • Ralph Lazo
  • Willie Velásquez
  • and Helen Rodríguez Trías

I have also begun breaking up this unit into the individual lessons and making them available, starting with Jovita Idár:

A More Complete History: Hispanic Activist Jovita Idár (Lesson 1)

Jovita Idár is in the news lately because she will be the first Mexican American woman recognized by the U.S. Mint on a coin in 2023 as part of their American Women Quarters Program. 

This 30-page lesson plan closely looks at her life and work. The activities require research and critical thinking. It includes Google Drive options for worksheets and summative assessments allow for differentiated learning and virtual instruction. Answer keys and essay rubric are included.

You can also find this free sample of one of the lessons from the unit, in case you'd like to try before you buy:

A More Complete History: Hispanic Activist Willie Velásquez (Lesson 4)

When and How to Use Them

All of these lessons and activities can be used in either a school or home learning environment. If you are a parent, you may use these to supplement your child's main curriculum. Or use them in your homeschool as an additional class that dives into heritage studies. Or even better, use them in history to study the contributions of Latinos to world and U.S. history - their stories are too often overlooked.

For more excellent resources, be sure to visit the National Museum of the American Latino.

Parent and Teacher Opportunity

Did you know that if you send me a photograph or two of one of my products being used in your home or school classroom (no faces necessary), I will send you any non-bundle item free from my shop? You pick the product!

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