Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Whistlefritz's Spanish Lessons!

Have you seen? One of MommyMaestra's fantastic sponsors, Whistlefritz, has just released their FREE Spanish Home Educator's Guide!

If you have Whistlefritz's Spanish program or are planning to use it this coming school year, then you NEED this guide! It's designed to help homeschooling parents maximize their use of Whistlefritz's Educator's Collection. 

Everything you ever wanted to know about how to implement Whistlefritz's Spanish lessons in your daily routine is here. It provides a daily open-and-go schedule that includes not only the Spanish lesson plans in their curriculum, but also related music, videos, and activities. I just had a look and there are 46 (FORTY-SIX!!) weeks' worth of planning and scheduling inside this book. There's even a checklist at the end that you can print and hang.

Take a look at this example from week 21:  

Isn't this easy? The Home Educator's Guide helps homeschooling families weave Spanish consistently into their daily lives while also having fun and encouraging a lifelong pursuit of language learning.

I like that the weekly schedule it not complicated or overwhelming. It's doable.

Most homeschool Spanish programs would charge for a guide like this. But Whistlefritz is offering it for free. What a gift!

If you're ready to download your copy, just head over to Whistlefritz's homeschool page and sign up to have it sent to your email. 

Happy learning!


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