Friday, July 9, 2021

5 Things We Love About Virtual Biology Lab

The following is a sponsored post in collaboration with College Prep Science and MommyMaestra. All opinions are my own.

One of the biggest challenges to homeschoolers can be providing science labs for their kids. From the expense of buying materials, to safety equipment and space, science labs can be difficult for homeschoolers to complete outside of a co-op or museum course.

This is why I love College Prep Science's VIRTUAL Biology Lab class! Read on to learn our five reasons for loving this program.

Before going further, I want to note here that MommyMaestra shares homeschool resources for families of all faiths. This particular program has a Christian perspective.

Quick Overview

Program: College Prep Science
ClassInteractive Virtual Science Lab   
Religious Perspective: Christian
Format: Live & Recorded
Grades: 7th - 12th
Price: Tuition is $280 for recorded and $390 for live, 2-week intensive

Why do a science lab?

Some homeschoolers may be tempted to just ignore the labs, but the reality is that labs are an integral part of science. They teach some of the very basic skills and one of the tenets of science: The Scientific Method. Kids NEED to learn the process of following a step-by-step procedure and then recording it from start to finish in a lab report.

I can't express how important this whole experience is for high schoolers. And if you are dithering about virtual labs, read on to learn the five things we love most about the Virtual Biology Lab from College Prep Science!

This Virtual Biology Lab counts as a supplement to any biology class and it has 11 lab experiments, including cell mitosis, blood type, and FROG DISSECTION! 

1) It's saves money

Flasks. Petri dishes. Microscopes. Slides. Droppers. Pipets. Test tubes. Bunsen burner. Safety goggles. Forceps...

I think you get the idea. Once you start adding up all the materials needed, it gets a little crazy. And very expensive! I'm pretty sure I spent close to $300 or more for materials when I was teaching General Science to 7th and 8th grade at our local co-op a few years ago.

This virtual lab saves us money. 

2) It saves space

You don't have to find MORE storage space for all of the science gear - OR for the experiments themselves, which are then sometimes forgotten only to be discovered in horror when you mistakenly stumble upon petri dishes that have been sitting for a few days or weeks in a cupboard. 

3) It's safe!

I don't have to worry about my kid blowing stuff up. Or slicing himself with a scalpel. Or my 3yo wandering up and sticking his fingers in acid. Or having to set up an eye wash station (just in case). Why? BECAUSE IT'S ALL ONLINE!!

My boy can still wear eye goggles if he wants to, but at least it's not because he HAS to. 

4) It's easy to navigate

For a kid who is a Minecraft fanatic, navigating any online portal is under scrutiny. But this one is very easy and intuitive. My 15 yo had no problems finding and manipulating the items in the online lab. But just to be on the safe side, the teacher, Greg Landry, does an introductory video explaining how to navigate the lab.

We chose to do the self-paced, recorded lab. Professor Landry also offers a 2-week intensive live program in the summer (it starts THIS MONDAY, July 12th!!). But with sporadic summer schedules, the self-paced program works better for us. You can still be assured that if you or your child have ANY questions during the recorded lessons, it's not a problem because you can just use your College Prep Science portal to send Professor Landry an email.

5) There's NO MESS

Okay. This one is my favorite. I don't have to set up or clean up. There are no stains on my ceiling or floor or dining room table (not from science experiments anyway). I like that I don't have to put down a drop cloth across my furniture or mop every time a lab is done. 

Maybe this doesn't teach my male teen not to make a mess or to clean up after himself, but he has plenty of other opportunities to practice that!

If you're convinced or just want to learn more about the Virtual Labs (Biology/Anatomy& Physiology, Chemistry, & Physics), visit the College Prep Science website.

All of this again on video...


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