Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Cometa Creativa: A Preschool Spanish Workbook

 Nacho Books: Cometa Creativa 1

The following is sponsored post with Nacho Books. All thoughts and opinions are mine. 

The new school year is quickly approaching for many, but for some of us, schooling happens year round. We take long breaks whenever we need them to clear our minds or to travel. My middle kid is taking a month off for summer, but my preschooler comes up to me almost daily asking to "do school."

A Spanish Preschool Activity Book

Right now, he is in love with Cometa Creativa 1, a preschool workbook that is in Spanish. You can find a copy on Nacho Books' website. 

It is great for both Spanish-speaking students AND for introducing Spanish to your preschooler. It uses art as the bridge for language acquisition. This activity book is full of opportunities to color, trace, match, cut and paste, and more. It covers important concepts such as color and number recognition, opposites, shapes, and introduces the vowels. 

The layout is perfect, too. It is a big book, or at least bigger than your traditional 8.5 x 11. Actually, it is about the size of a placemat (approx. 9 x 13 in.). 

Each page can potentially be removed from the book in case your child is easily distracted or you want your child to only focus on the one activity at a time. And if you do remove them, they come with holes already punched in the side in case you want to keep them all together as your child completes them. I've chosen to leave them in the book for now, since my preschooler likes having it all in front of him and doesn't seem to move on until he has finished each activity. 

The front of the page has an activity with some simple directions. The back of the page is for the parent or educator and lists the objective(s) of the activity, theme, contents, suggested methodology, teaching and learning strategies, as well as additional activities that allow your child to dive deeper.

My preschooler is about to turn four and has just now discovered the joy of coloring, so introducing him to this book just happens to come at the perfect time. He loves this book as you can tell from the picture. The cover is already showing wear from him getting it out and plopping it open everywhere.

Here's a little peak at some of the pages:

And finally, the very last section of the book introduces English vocabulary and is intended, I believe, as an introduction to English as a second language. The instructions are still in Spanish for the parent, but the activities have English words. 

Overall, I think it is an excellent activity book for young children. And it is long lasting with more than 200 pages (100+ activities) for preschoolers to enjoy.

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