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High School Writing Video Course

WriteShop I  - writing course for teens

The following is a sponsored post in collaboration with WriteShop. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

As a parent of a teen with dysgraphia, I can tell you that we have tried A LOT of different resources and curricula to teach writing. It has been my greatest source of stress as a homeschool parent, which is ironic because I just love writing. That's why I am so excited about this course from the WriteShop! Read on to see if it is a good fit for you.

Quick Overview

ProgramWriteShop I
Subject(s): writing 
Religious Perspective: Faith-neutral
Format: Books and online video course
Grades: 6th - 10th
Language: English
: $94.50 - $139.95

WriteShop I writing curriculum

Homeschool Writing Curriculum

The WriteShop is an incremental writing program for students. This means that it teaches writing techniques in manageable portions without overwhelming kids. This step-by-step approach helps kids develop sound writing skills. 

They have a lot of products on their website for teaching writing to students in K - 12th. But I elected to use WriteShop I for my 15yo who is going into 10th grade and, as I mentioned, struggles with dysgraphia.

WriteShop I has a total of 16 lessons. Each one takes 1 or 2 weeks - YOU choose how fast you want to go. 

Your child will complete a written assignment for each lesson and learn a specific skill set each time. On their website, you can also find a complete description, product details, reviews, and even the scope & sequence of each product they offer. 

I really like that this writing program is geared toward older children (tweens and teens) so that they don't feel like the lesson are babyish even if they are learning basic writing skills. Even the writing prompts are more age-appropriate.

WriteShop I

Online Video Course

You do have the option to just buy the teacher's guide and student workbook. If you're comfortable teaching your child writing, this is a great way to go.

BUT if you are looking to (mostly) outsource the teaching for this subject, then the video course is excellent. They go over each lesson, focusing on the main activities and skill builders. Parents will still have to review/edit the writing assignments, but the actual skill teaching will be done through their online portal which has the recorded videos. 

The nice thing is that if you aren't worried about schedules, your child can just complete this at their own pace. It's your choice.

The video lessons don't waste time. They get to the heart of the lesson and don't drag it out. This is FANTASTIC. It stops my kid from being bored and complaining. The student portal is easy to navigate, very intuitive, and not cluttered up. 

And it even has self-editing tips to help your student. (<-- BIG PLUS!!)

WriteShop I Video Course

I always advise readers and other homeschoolers to download samples of a curriculum or watch videos that the company shares about their products before purchasing. So here is where you can download a sample lesson for WriteShop I.

Placement Quiz

If you aren't sure which product to purchase for your child, you can have them take the placement quiz! This is a free tool on their website to help you decide at what level your child is in terms of writing.

What I love best

My 15yo HATES writing. He has dysgraphia and we have just really struggled to find the right curriculum to help him. We've used a lot of great programs, but the hardest part for me has been teaching writing to this kid. It is stressful for both of us. 

And I've been especially concerned about this since he has started high school. Prepping for essay writing has had me full of anxiety. But this course is helping me relax and feel more confident in him.

I love that WriteShop offers this video course that does the teaching for me. All I have to do is review his work once he's completed the assignment.

I also like that there is a lot of humor mixed into this course. My middle kid is the one with the best sense of humor in our family. He's always telling jokes and appreciates a good one. So this added aspect, really helps him to relax and be more receptive to a WRITING program.

***It's important to note that you can do the Video Course without books OR you can choose to do the Video Course with the books.

If this sounds like the writing course that you've been looking for, then go and check out the WriteShop! You can find WriteShop I here and all of their other products for younger grades here.

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WriteShop I: Writing Course for Teens

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