Monday, March 29, 2021

Resources for Holy Week & Easter

Semana Santa/Holy Week has officially begun!

If your family celebrates Easter, I wanted to just share a few resources for children (and their parents). 

First, many countries celebrate Semana Santa with special events or traditions. We were lucky to have Shannon Alvarez who lives in Guatemala with her family, share this post about the incredible alfombras (or "carpets") that are made in the streets prior to Easter. Here's a peek at one of them to entice you over there to read about this beautiful custom.

Amazing, no?

And in AndalucĂ­a, Spain, children collect wax balls made from the dripping wax of participants in the nightly parades of the region.

Easter Crafts

If you're looking for some great crafts for your kids, check out these!


Bilingual Easter-Themed Activity Sheets for Preschool

Boost your child’s literacy and math skills with this fun, Easter-themed packet! This multicultural packet contains images of both the Easter bunny and cascarones.

Introduce your young students to the vocabulary associated with Easter. This little booklet lets them color in the picture, then read and write the words.

Help your preschooler or language learner to learn their colors with this Easter-themed coloring book!

I hope you enjoy these free counting mats for children learning to count from one to five. So much fun, they can easily be used with ANY small objects...decorations, buttons, beans, Easter-themed stickers, etc. Or your little ones can just draw their own shapes or pictures to fill in each row.


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