Thursday, March 4, 2021

Spanish Biography Video Series

For those of you with older children (tweens and teens), here is a resource not to be missed. 

While doing research for my poetry unit, I found this series from Universidad Pedagógica Nacional. The series “Maestros de América Latina” narrates the lives and works of eight schoolteachers who were instrumental in the history of Latin American education. 

These Spanish videos features the following historical figures:

  • Simón Rodríguez, 
  • Domingo F. Sarmiento, 
  • José Martí, 
  • José Vasconcelos, 
  • José Carlos Mariátegui, 
  • Gabriela Mistral, 
  • Jesualdo Sosa, and 
  • Paulo Freire.
To access all of the videos, click here for the playlist

This series is great for AP students, native speakers, and bilingual students. 

NOTE: I have not watched all of the videos, so please, Teachers, always watch beforehand to monitor for inappropriate content.


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