Monday, March 1, 2021

Welcome to Women's History Month

Teachers and parents! Here's a great list of printable resources to use for Women's History Month and teach your kids about awesome women in history!

A Compilation of Print-and-Go Resources

It's March 1st, and that means that Women's History Month is here!

While it is important to remember and celebrate the achievements of women all the time, I'm glad we have a month dedicated to it to help us all remember to actively learn about the contributions women have made to world history. Too often their stories and successes are left out of the history books. 

So, if you are looking for resources to celebrate this month with your children or students in the classroom, take a look at this beginner list below. More to come throughout the month!

Women in History for Kids Printables

Print-and-go resources are often my go-to when I don't have time to prepare a more thorough lesson. But they are also great for supplementing your main lesson on any given topic. Which is why I love the following printables so much!

Multicultural Kid Blogs has a great Women in World History Activity Pack for kids ages 8 to 12. I was part of the team that created this packet that highlights 20 women with one-page reading passages and a comprehension quiz for each one. There are also worksheets that boost vocabulary, writing, and critical thinking skills. 

MKB also has the following must-read articles:

My 10 Latinas in History Combo Pack is crazy popular this month each year. It features one-page reading passages about the following 10 famous Latinas:

❤️ Ellen Ochoa

❤️ Isabel Allende

❤️ Dara Torres

❤️ Frida Kahlo

❤️ Linda Ronstadt

❤️ Dolores Huerta

❤️ Sonia Sotomayor

❤️ Carolina Herrera

❤️ Rita Moreno

❤️ Sor Juana de la Cruz

It also comes with reading comprehension activity pages. Best suited for children in 4th - 6th grades.

The 3 Female Activists Glossary & Poster Sets BUNDLE is designed for older children. In addition to the glossary of terms and poster, it includes worksheets that require students to study the words and then write in the definitions and writing pages for independent research.

Las Adelitas: Mexico's Soldaderas 1-Page Reading Passage is a no-prep, print-and-go set. It includes a one-page reading passage plus comprehension quiz. 

And, of course, we must include Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz! This printable set is for introducing her to little children. 

And this one-page reading passage is for older children. It also comes with a quiz to assess reading comprehension. 

And finally there's my Women in History Fandex. The fandex sets are just so much fun. With lots of ways to use them. Directions for fandex assembly and use, plus two activities, as well as individual worksheets, cut-outs and answer key included.


If you're looking for some great reads for kids, check out my post, 15 Children's Biographies Celebrating Women.

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