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100 Fun & Easy Learning Games for Kids

100 Fun & Easy Learning Games for Kids
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In keeping with our theme of summer learning the fun and easy way, I've partnered with Page Street Publishing to share with you a great activity from their new, must-have book for families with young children.

I received a review copy and am absolutely loving this new resource by authors Amanda Boyarshinov and Kim Vij of

100 Fun & Easy Learning Games for Kids (aff) is a treasure trove of activities to keep kids busy learning over the summer - and throughout the year! You'll love the creativity of these games. And yes, there are 100 games, divided into six different themes:

  1. Fantastic Reading
  2. Amazing Writing Adventures
  3. Really Cool Math
  4. Super Science
  5. Magical Music and Art
  6. Going Global

From "String Art" to "Family Photo Word Puzzles" to a "Continent Fortune Teller" (pure genius!), you'll find so many wonderful activities using a minimal number of materials that you probably already have lying around your house. The key here is that learning doesn't have to be boring, expensive, or complicated! Some of the best games only use a couple of items.

And with summer upon us, I especially think this would be a valuable resource for busy parents, grandparents who babysit, and daycare workers looking for activities to keep little hands with active minds busy!

While I think most of the activities are best suited for children in elementary grades, many of them are easy to adapt for children of all ages and skill levels.

Page Street Publishing is so great that they have allowed me to reprint one activity from 100 Fun & Easy Learning Games for Kids. I chose one for those of you with younger children. And I love that it can be adapted for ANY LANGUAGE!

Stack a Word

Learning to read can be exciting for children. Learning how to blend letter sounds is one of the foundations for success. Players use movement and visual clues as they the stack cans to form words.

Focus Skill: blending letter sounds in spoken words
Great For: getting moving while you learn

  • Construction paper
  • Scissors
  • 10 cans of similar size
  • Black marker
  • Tape

Directions to Make
1. Cut 10 papers to wrap around the cans.
2. Write two vowels and two consonants on each paper. Vary letter combinations to include all letters.
3. Attach a letter paper to each can with tape.
4. Write down on a separate paper select consonant-vowel-consonant (CVC) words in focused word families.

Directions to Play
1. One player calls out words from the focused word family sheet.
2. The other player uses the cans to sound out the words and stack on one another to form each word.
3. Continue to create words until all the cans are used.

Game Variations
  • Use cans to create letters in family members’ names.
  • Create word family sets by adding an additional vowel-only can.
  • Create nonsense words and sound out while stacking on top of each other.

Disclosure: I received a copy of this book for review purposes. All thoughts and opinions are mine.


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