Tuesday, May 31, 2016

How to Send Your Kids to Summer Camp...at HOME

Hallelujah! Summer is officially HERE!

For us, that means a more relaxed schedule, less structure, and frequently bored kids. And that's okay by me. Boredom is the mother of invention and creativity. So I'm more than happy to let my kids get bored and have to use their brains to dream up ways to stay busy and entertain themselves.

One thing summer does NOT mean around here: free tech all day long. Nope. No way, José. I have pretty strict tech time rules. They can only play on the computer/iPad/Kindle AFTER they have:
  • Read a book
  • Finished chores
  • Made something
  • and Completed a family service project (more about that later).
They also have assigned tech times (from 2- 4 in the afternoon).

However, despite all of my intentions to have no set schedule, I do need some guidance at home. SO I was compelled to create my own little non-schedule schedule for guidance this summer. And I started thinking, maybe some MommyMaestra readers would enjoy a little non-schedule schedule, too?

And then THAT got me to thinking about summer camps and this post on my Facebook page: 

Not everyone can afford summer camp all summer long (I certainly can't). And while one or both of my kids may have a week in June that they'll be doing a class at our local college (LEGO Robotics!), it won't eat up the whole day and it's only one week. SO that means I need to be thinking about how to keep these kids busy in a way that isn't too structured and doesn't requite TOO much effort on my part.

Enter in the MommyMaestra FREE Summer Camp at Home Plan!

Okay, so I've already started off by stocking up on all the basic art/craft supplies at the now-far-away Michaels (Boo hoo! Still mourning the loss of the one I used to go to near my house that closed up!). And I made a list of those items that we typically use. It's now available in this packet so you can stock up, too, if you want to. 

I also have a simple, open plan for those of you who like a lot of freedom. You can just print and cut out my little weekly guide and hang it up somewhere in your house for easy reference.

Or if you just want ideas for things your kids might enjoy doing, I've made a calendar for the month of June that includes one activity to do each day. These crafts teach your children valuable skills without them realizing it. I’ve also been very careful to include crafts or activities that explore Hispanic heritage. You don't have to do the activities in order, and you don't have to do all of them. Just pick and choose what you'd like your kids to do and go with it. Heck, you don't have to do ANY of it if you don't want to!

Remember: No stress! No pressure! Just FUN and EASY!!

In addition to this packet, I have lots of fun stuff planned for you here on the blog, so be sure to stop in often and see what sort of goodies I've shared to keep your kids busy when they get bored. (While secretly learning without their realizing it!)

I hope you guys all have a great summer! 


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