Thursday, June 16, 2016

Mundo Lanugo Revives Traditional Latino Games

By now we all know that play is serious business for children. For thousands of years, children have learned through traditional games. From socialization to developing their fine motor skills, these games teach valuable concepts. But in today's tech-obsessed society, many of those traditional games are being forgotten and lost. (I actually wrote about this SIX years ago here.)

So you can only imagine my excitement to learn that our friends at Mundo Lanugo have decided to help preserve these precious traditions. Every Thursday this summer, they are releasing a new video on their YouTube channel. Each video teaches a traditional Latino game such as A la vibora de la mar, A la rueda, rueda, Chicle Americano, and many more. 

Subscribe to their YT channel, then tune in each week to learn a new game for your children to play. You'll find the videos for these games here. Mundo Lanugo has already released two videos. 

And, yes, they are the cutest thing ever. Narrated by children, your children will be excited to learn these new games. I love how they include the words on the screen so you can sing along. And I especially love how these songs take me back to my own childhood and a cassette tape with all these songs that I absolutely loved and played over and over again.

These videos help develop your child's vocabulary and language skills by nurturing their sense of rhythm, encouraging their imagination, and through repetition.

Take a look to see for yourself:

I know your nenes will love these games. Enjoy!



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