Wednesday, June 29, 2016

123 Andrés Releases "La Semilla"/"The Seed" Educational Music Video

A few weeks ago, I shared with you the new album Arriba Abajo from 123 Andrés. I'll be honest: while the album is in itself fabulous, NOTHING makes me happier than when artists and musicians take their work one step further and create additional materials for families and educators to supplement their work.

So it is with the greatest joy that I get to debut one of the educational music videos Andrés has created to go with his song, "La Semilla" (and in English, "The Seed"). Knowing how plants grow is a basic concept that all children should learn in preschool or kindergarten. The song is an easy way for children to learn about the life cycle of a plant, but the video is a bonus for visual learners.

In addition, you might remember me mentioning a 35-page learning guide that they've created to accompany the album. Well, after you watch the videos below, you can find a few pages from the guide as they pertain to this lovely song at the bottom of this post. Our friends at 123 Andrés have allowed me to share them for free with MommyMaestra readers. You can download it in English or Spanish! Fun and engaging, it is a whole lesson plan that revolves around this one song.

But first, I don't want to wait any longer. Select your favorite language below and then hit play!

Don't forget that you can purchase your MP3 of this song on iTunes and Bandcamp (La Semilla or The Seed).

Enjoy today!

photo credits
Top image: Keyla Sanders


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