Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Alphabet Lotería - Lotería abecedario

Do you have little ones that are learning their ABCs? If so, check out my Alphabet Lotería/Lotería abecedario!

For a year or so, I've been working on this new printable. I wanted to create a children's version of the popular game using images with significant meaning in Hispanic culture. And I wanted them to work in both English and Spanish. This was really hard! But I'm really pleased with the final product.

As you probably know, Lotería is a traditional Mexican game of chance similar to bingo. Players each get at least one tabla (game board). But instead of using ping-pong balls marked with numbers, the lotería cantor (singer) selects a card and calls out its name or describes it with a riddle.

This Lotería can be played in multiple ways to enhance alphabet learners and includes:
  • A brief history of Lotería
  • Ways to play
  • Ways to win
  • 12 tablas (game boards) - 6 in English, and 6 in Spanish
You can download it here on MommyMaestra, or visit my TpT store and download it here.


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